Best Pots and Pans for New Life Beginners


Moving out my parent’s home and starting a new self-dependent life was my first priority after finishing my college education. I had just acquired a job which I felt could sustain me without bothering anyone leave alone my parents. I wanted that freedom to do what I want at anytime of the day or night without restrictions. As you know, you will always remain your parents’ child whether you are an adult or not. So there I took a step, I left to my small one-bedroom house and life began.I was never that a fan of cooking while at college but here I was starting a different new life at my house.

All of a sudden cooking sounded like a state law which could not be broken. I had to find a way to start cooking. This forced me to find out which are the best pots and pans that I would use to prepare meals in my home.One would of course consider the best pots and pans that go at a reasonable price to begin with. I did not want the expensive fancy chef name branded pots and pans which cost $600 or even more such as All-Clad. I discovered that I could get some great sets cheaply at $100 or even below keeping in mind that this was not the set that I would live with for the rest of my life.

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Moreover, I considered if the pans were safe to be washed by the dishwasher. Washing the pans manually can be a bit cumbersome and also time wasting thus I sort out for good pans which could not flake or deform when washed via the dishwasher. Deformed and flaked dishes would look bad and are not recommended since some of the chips may get into your food leading to health issues.

Some of the best pots and pans brands that look presentable and are relatively cheap included; Faberware, Cook N Home, Cuisinart and T-Fal. For new life beginners, it is therefore vital to buy some of these brands since its only the beginning and you need a quick solution to your cooking which is affordable without straining your financial muscles. I strongly recommend these brands since they worked for me and I don’t regret my choice.

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